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For over 30 years Silverwwwyabo201 Company Limited has been at the forefront of the yabovip2021 industry, focussing on products such as apparal trims, labels, hangtags, heat transfer stickers etc.

Since the opening of our factory in China we offer a one stop service from design to production and packaging right through to distribution to our clients. We control costs and produce high quality products at a quick production rate. We have big brand customers across the globe from the USA, Europe and Asia.

We focus on yabovip2021 and producing in an environmentally friendly way, using green yabovip2021 processes.

You can have faith in Silverwwwyabo201, knowing that we always work well with our clients.

We promise: low cost, great quality and a one stop service from design draft to CTP to colour management in production. We will work with you to lower production costs and also coordinate a production lead time that will meet your seasonal projections and deadlines. With our competetive prices , support infrastructure and excellent production quality you can be sure that your experience with Silverwwwyabo201 will be a success.

Whatever the size of your order, you can be certain that Silverwwwyabo201 will provide you with a great service. It is a great priviledge to work with all of our clients and we look forward to working with you.

Count on us because we work with you, not just for you.

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